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Venison Chili

Venison Chili
Venison Jerky

Venison Jerky
Venison Pot Roast

Venison Pot Roast
Venison Rack

Rack of Venison
Venison with Potato Gnocci Venison with Wild Mushrooms
Venison with
Potato Gnocchi
Venison with
Wild Mushrooms

Hunter and Venison Lover,

Venison Saddle

Venison Saddle
If you're an avid deer hunter like me, you're always looking for great, new, and easy recipes to enjoy venison.  Whether or not you've bagged a 30-point buck, you already know that venison is among the most lean and healthy game meats around, and also delicious - but ONLY IF you have the right recipe and preparation. Whether it's venison appetizers, venison chili, venison jerky, venison stew, kabobs, rack, sausage, tenderloin, whatever, you'll find a great collection of recipes right here.

That's where we make it easy and fast - and it's only minutes away. You're sure to find some great dishes which can be prepared by you, your significant other, or your cabin buddies.
Bow Hunter

Big game hunter or not, you can benefit from the fabulous health and nutritional benefits of venison:

Venison - The Other Red Meat

Big Buck
  • Delicious!
  • Nutritious!
  • High in Protein
  • High in Iron
  • Low in Saturated Fat
  • Rich in B Vitamins
  • Lower in calories, cholesterol and fat than most cuts of beef, pork, or lamb
  • Lean Protein - great for WEIGHT LOSS!
Venison Steak
Venison Steak

Venison Nutritional Information

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Venison Recipes For Every Taste
Chili, Jerky, Roasts, Racks, and More

A brand new vension recipe cookbook, filled with OVER 200 great venison recipes - everything from chili, jerky, roasts, racks, stews, and more.  Just check out this unbelievable list of recipes you'll receive:
Venison Recipes For Every Taste Marinated Tenderloin of Venison
All Day Rebel Venison Stew
Barbecue Venison Burgers
Barbecued Deer Ribs
BBQ Venison Chops
Belgian style Venison Braise
Boiled Deer Tongue
Fried Venison Tenderloin and Gravy
Marinated Roast Venison
Peppered Venison Steak with sweet potato puree and spicy black bean sauce
Roast Rack of Venison w/Creole Mustard
Venison Chili with Black and Red Beans
Venison Casserole
Venison Chili with Black and Red Beans
Venison with Chorizo and Green Peppers
Venison Cordon Bleu
Venison Jerky
Venison Pepper Steaks
Venison Sausage
Venison Stroganoff
Whitetail Salami
Saltimboca (Bien Venidos al Gabaldon de Casa Vieja)
Venison Roast Marinated in Buttermilk
Venison Stew
Simple Sauce for Venison
Leg Roast of Venison
Lemon Grilled Venison Liver
Loch Rannoch Venison
Loin of Venison with Cranberry-Chipotle Sauce
Loin of Venison with Wild-Mushroom Sauce
Loins of Venison Wrapped in Bacon
Marinade for Venison
Marinated Deer Roast
Black Mission Fig Stuffed Venison Rack
Venison Sausage Recipe
Braised Venison Shanks
Broiled Venison with Corbin Steak Sauce
Brown Sugar Venison
Bryany County Venison
Burgundy Venison 1
Marinated Loin of Venison Roasted in Mustard 1
Marinated Loin of Venison Roasted with Mustard 2
Marinated Tenderloin of Venison
Marinated Venison
Marinated Venison Kabobs
Marinated Venison Shish Kabobs
Marinated Venison with Bread Dumplings
Medallions of Venison with Apricot/Green Peppercorn Relish
Medallions of Venison with Blackberries in Port Wine
Medallions of Venison with Bramble Jelly or Blackberries
Mustard and Herb Crusted Rack of Venison
Mustard Venison with Hot Mushroom Dressing
New South Venison Steak
Orange Venison Stew
Oriental Venison Cutlets
Oven Barbeque Venison
Oven-Barbecued Venison Ribs
Oven Venison Roast
Ozark-Style Venison Stroganoff
Pan-Fried Medallions of Venison with Cherries and Wild Mushrooms
Pan-Fried Noisette of Venison
Pan-Fried Venison Steak with Horseradish-Mustard Sauce
Pan Roasted Venison with Spicy Cranberry Mexican Cinnamon Sauce with Whipped
Pan-Roasted Venison with Dried Cherry Sauce
Pan Roasted Venison with Sweet Potato-Toasted Pine Nut Polenta
Pastrami Spice-Encrusted Venison with Ketchup
Paupiettes of Venison
Pecan Crusted Venison with Bourbon Mash
Pepper-Seared Venison Steaks with Pinot Noir and Sun-Dried Cherries
Peppered Venison Appetizer
Peppered Venison Roast (Low-Temperature Roasting)
Peppered Venison Steak
Peppered Venison Steaks
Pork and Venison Terrine
Potato Gnocchi with Venison Stew
Rack of Venison with Apple and Szechuan Peppercorn Sauce
Rack of Venison with Spiced Cranberry and Black Bean Sauce
Redneck Venison Stew
Rich Venison and Mushroom Stew
Rich Venison Stew
Roast Leg of Venison 1
Roast Leg of Venison 2
Roast Leg of Venison 3
Roast Leg of Venison 4
Roast Loin of Venison
Roast Loin of Venison with Chocolate Sauce
Roast Loin of Venison with Cranberries
Roast Loin of Venison with Savory Wine Sauce
Roast Loin of Venison with Sun-Dried Cherry Sauce and Parsnips
Roast Marinated Venison with Mixed Mushroom Risotto
Roast Rack of Venison with Creole Mustard
Roast Venison 1
Roast Venison 2
Roast Venison 3
Roast Venison Loin with Fried and Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Roast Venison Loin with Sun-Dried Cherry Sauce and Parsnip Chips
Roast Venison Loin with Wild Mushroom Sauce
Roast Venison with a Herb and Oat Crust
Roast Venison with Marinade
Roasted Leg of Venison
Roasted Loin of Venison From Boileau Sweet and Sour Nordic Berries with a Cuvee Du
Roasted Rack of Venison and Shallots with Dried-Cranberry Gravy
Roasted Rack of Venison with Rich Coffee Sauce
Venison Jerky - 7 Varieties
Microwave Venison Jerky
Venison Jerky Recipe 1
Deer Jerky
Venison Jerky Recipe 2
Potato Gnocchi With Venison Ragu
Venison Stew
Asian Venison Cutlets
Barbecue Venison Chops
Barbecued Venison
Barbecued Venison Kabobs
Barbecued Venison Ribs
Basic Venison Stock
Venison Baste
Venison and Hominy Chili Red Sage
Venison Hash
Venison Jerky
Native American Venison Stew
Venison Chops
Shoulder of Venison
Venison Meatloaf Supreme
Venison Roast
Braised Venison with Brandy and Mustard
Burgundy Venison 2
Butterfield Stage Line Venison Chili
Cabernet Sauvignon Glazed Venison with Barley, Roast Carrot Sauce and Carrot
Caraway Venison Meatball Casserole
Carolina Roast Venison
Carolina Saucy Venison Sausage and Pasta
Casserole of Venison with Prunes and Pickled Walnuts
Chicken Fried Venison 1
Chicken Fried Venison 2
Chicken Fried Venison Pocket with a Jalapeno Honey Mustard
Chicken Fried Venison Steaks
Chile Seared Cervena Venison With Cream Cheese Smashed Potatoes and Barbecued
Chuckwagon Venison
Cinnamon Smoked Venison Medallions with Bourbon Mash Sweet Potatoes
Venison Stew
Colorado Venison Stew
Cooked Marinade
Cooking Bag Venison
Country-Style Venison
Country Style Venison Stew
Creamed Venison
Crock-Pot Venison
Crock Pot Venison
Crock Pot Venison Barbecue
Crock Pot Venison Barbecue
Crock Pot Venison Stew
Crockpot Venision
Crockpot Venison
Crockpot Venison and Beans
Crockpot Venison Chili
Crockpot Venison Stew
Curried Venison
Deer Camp Venison Chili
Deer Heart and Noodles
Deer Jerky Marinade
Deer Marinade
Deer Sausage
Deer Stew
Jack Daniels Venison Chili
Dutch Oven Venison
Dutch Oven Venison Chili
Dutch Oven Venison Stew
Roast Venison with Goat Cheese Sauce (Dyresteg)
Easy Crockpot Venison Roast 1
Easy Crockpot Venison Roast 2
Braised Celery Root with Grilled Millbrook Venison
Fiery Barbecued Venison
Sure-Kill Venison Chili
Fried Venison Heart
Fried Venison Steak
Fruited Venison
Fruity Venison Kebabs with Sundried Fruit Couscous
Garlic Studded Loin of Venison with a Berry Reduction
German-Style Venison Sausage
Glazed Venison Pate
Grandpa and Grandma's Venison Sausage
Grilled Venison Chop with Chestnut Twice Baked Potato
Grilled Venison Chop with Spinach and Sticky Rice Cakes
Grilled Venison Chops
Grilled Venison Hoagies with Coffee Barbecue Sauce
Grilled Venison Steak with Balsamic Morel Sauce
Grilled Venison with "Beerbecue" Sauce
Grilled Venison with Scarlet Runners and Fried Leeks And Roasted Beet Vinaigrette
Hawaiian Venison
Herb Venison Paillards and Winter Vegetables
Herbed Venison and Mushroom
Hot Bean Venison Dip
Hunan Venison
Hungryman's Stew with Venison
Hunter's Style Venison
Hunter's Venison Sausage
Italian-Style Venison Pot Roast
Italian Style Venison Burgers
Jalapeno-Glaze Venison Saddle
Forgotten Venison Steak
Jellied Venison Salad
Kathy's Venison Chili
Killer 4-Star Venison Chili
Korean Venison
Leg of Venison, Baked Apples, Red Chard, Cranberry Sauce

You'll find even more unique recipes in 150 Delicious Venison Recipes...

150 Delicious Venison Recipes
Venison Steaks With Scotch Sour Sauce
Barbecued Venison Ribs
Venison Picadillo
Venison Roast
Frank's Sure-Kill Venison Chili
Roast Venison
Venison Meat Loaf With Chili Sauce
Tomato Venison Pot Roast
Elk/Deer Sauerbraten I
Elk/Deer Spanish Pot Roast
Leg Roast Of Venison
Venison With Almonds
Jellied Venison Salad
Hawaiian Venison
Venison Shortcake
Venison Barbecue
Curried Venison
Venison Roll-Ups
Stuffed Steaks
Creamed Venison
Deer Filet A'tournedos Brennan
Venison Jerky
Deer Jerky Marinade
Sugar Cured Venison Jerky
Smoked Spicy Venison Jerky
Venison Sauces
Venison Chili
Venison Loaf With Noodles
Venison Meat Loaf
Venison Meatballs
Deer Jerky Mcdermott
Magnum Deer Chili
Marinaded Deer Roast
Venison Benison
Smoked Deer Ham I
Deer Sausage I
Venison Ragout With Onions
Deer And Barley Soup
Deer Sausage Peperone
Deer Soup Stock
Charlie's Deer Stew
Venison Ham
Herb Marinaded Deer Roast
Boiled Deer Ardennes
Deer Sausage II
Barbequed Deer Ribs I
Boiled Deer Tongue
Deer Sauce I
Deer Sauce II
Deer Marinade I
Deer Marinade II
Deer Marinade III
Deer Marinade IV
Deer Marinade V
Big Buck Steak I
Big Buck Steak II
Fried Deer Heart
Deer Heart And Kidney Stew
Venison Swiss Steak
Hungryman's Stew With Venison
Crock Pot Venison Stew
Country Style Venison Stew
Venison Steaks In Wine
Barbecue Venison Chops
Crock Pot Venison Barbecue
Venison And 4-Beans
Venison Pizza
Venison-Beef Stew
Venison And Potato Loaf
Venison Hash
Venison Hamburger Rice Pie
Savory Venison Chili
Venison Chili Ala Fred
Don's Venison Chili
Oven-Barbecued Venison Ribs
Venison Suey
Venison Rib Barbecue
Venison Pepper Steak
Onion Buttered Deer Steak
Venison Roast Burgundy
Venison Chops And Rice
Venison Chops In Tomato Soup
Venison Jerky
Deer Jerky
Smoked Oriental Venison Jerky
Hearty Venison Soup
Venison Cheese Ball Soup
Venison Goulash Soup
Uncle Buck's Venison Kabobs
Dutch Oven Venison
Stuffed Venison Pinwhells
Uncle Buck's Venison Chili
Venison With Green Peppercorns
Venison Burgers
Fiery Barbecued Venison
Oriental Venison Cutlets
Big Bob's Shoulder Of Venison
Marinated Venison
Venison Steaks With Chestnuts & Figs
Marinated Loin Of Venison Roasted In Mustard
Venison Stew
Venison Nacho Dip
Venison Goulash
Venison Sausage Balls
Venison Pot Roast
Deer Sausage (Wildgame 2)
Roast Loin Of Venison With Savory Wine Sauce
Venison Mincemeat Pie
Lillie Bell's Venison Roast
Smoked Venison Roast
Mushroom- Crusted Venison Loin
Grilled Venison Steaks
Country-Style Venison Steaks
Venison Kabobs
Venison Soup
Venison Tenderloin Appetizers
Venison And Tomatoes
Country-Fried Venison
Roast Haunch Of Venison
Venison Steak St. Hubert
Venison Roast With Glaze
Venison Roast With Red Wine Gravy
Venison Roast
Venison Chops Marchand De Muscadine
Venison Stew With Potato Dumplings
Venison - Vegetable Bake
Sweet And Sour Sauce For Venison
Venison Country Sausage
Brush Country Deer Loaf
Venison Sauce Piquante
Venison Marinade
Venison With Forest Berry Relish
Venison Scallopini
Venison Civet
Old Man Kelsey's Deer Jerky
Spiced Venison Roast
Roast Rack Of Venison With Wild Mushrooms
Gene Blystone's Venison Mincemeat
Loin Of Venison With Cherry Chile Salsa
Deer Pemican (Ogalala Sioux)
Delaware Indian Deer Liver With Onions
Kiowa Venison Roast
Bill's Venison Roast
Venison Etouffee
Venison Saddle
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101 Recipes For The Deep Fryer

Deep Fryer Italian Zeppole
Deep Fryer Sopaipillas
Spicy Hot Chicken Bits
Cajun Fried Fish
Jalapeno Poppers
Homemade Potato Chips
Crispy Fried Frog Legs
Deep-Fried Twinkies
Deep-Fried Smelts
Deep Fried Mars Bars
Deep Fried Chitterlings
Deep Fried Cod
Deep-Fried Squid
Cajun Deep Fried Turkey
Apple Fritters
Deep Fried Shrimp Balls
Deep-Fried Dill Pickle Fondue Balls
POORI (Deep-fried, Puffy Bread)
Deep Fried Prawns with Batter (Jow Ha)
Fried Soft-Shell Crab
Fried Onion Mums Or Pom Poms
Fried Ice Cream 1
Fried Ice Cream 2
Khvorost ( Fried Sugar Circles)
Almond Fried Ice Cream
Sichuan Dry-Fried String Beans
Onions Fried In Deep Fat
Special Chicken
Fried Banana
Rick's on the Bricks Fried Dill Pickles
French Fried Skunk!!
Fried Alligator
Batter-Fried Dandelion
Crispy Rattlesnake Coils
Sri Lanka Fried Chiles
Texas Fried Green Tomatoes
Hush Puppies
STRUFFOLI (Honey Balls)
Fried Oysters
Fry Bread, (Baking Powder Recipe)
Special Fried Peanuts
KFC Chicken
Fried Crawfish Tails
Corn Dogs
Coconut Fried Ice Cream
Deep Fryed Mozzarella Cubes
Tuna Croquettes
Crispy Potato Skins
Deep-Fried Liver Strips
Farmhouse Fried Pork and Apples
Chicken Kiev
Fish Sticks, Taco Style
Pineapple Drumsticks
Deep Fryer Monte Cristo Sandwich
Deep Fryer Cinnamon Funnel Cakes
Deep Fryer Corn Fritters
Calabash-Style Flounder
Deep Fryer Apple Dumplings
Jalapeño Kickers
Curried Chicken Squares
Ol' Viginia Peanutty Chicken Bites
Chili Cheese Balls (Mexican Tidbit)
Beignets (New Orleans-Style Square Donuts)
Cardamon Funnel Cakes
Lithuanian Fried Cookies
Batter Fried Oriental Dinner
Veggie Fritters with Thai Peanut Sauce Deviled Egg Roll Ups
Crab Pupus
Seafood Pinwheels
Pumpkin Doughnuts with Spiced Brown Butter Glaze

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FREE Bonus #3       Cast Iron Cooking    320 Great Recipes
Cast Iron Cooking
If you've ever tasted it, you know there is nothing better than food prepared in a cast iron pan. Several dishes, including Mexican fajitas, Cajun seafood, sausage & eggs, and of course, cornbread, are hailed as delicious when prepared in cast iron cookware. Cast iron is also the cookware of choice amongst serious campers and outdoorsmen.  There are several reasons why cooks rave about this type of cookware, and many people won't use anything else. Besides being an ideal heat conductor, cast iron heats evenly and consistently, is inexpensive, and will last a lifetime with the proper care. When seasoned, a cast iron pan will be stick resistant and provide great tasting meals every time.

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